Cucumber Alert!

Our garden is being overtaken by cucumbers!  While we enjoy a good cucumber now and again we’re running out of ways to eat them.  Vinegar cucumbers makes a refreshing side but gets a little old after serving it 3 days in a row!  Please share your ideas before we run into a cucumber emergency!!!


The Bennett Family said...

I have no ideas for you, but I'm a bit jealous because I love cucumbers! If it were possible I would come take them off your hands. I would exchange Bret's pest-removal services for a basketful. :)
(By the way, he said to tell you that bunnies are much cuter than gophers, so you should just enjoy them, like little pets.)

Lisa said...

Hmm...all I can think of is using them in every salad (pasta, chicken, green), every sandwich, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers in italian dressing, or wrap them in celophane with a bow on top and give them to your visiting teaching sisters-LOL :)

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

Our cukes are overtaking our garden as well :) Here's my all time favorite recipe for cucumber salad:

Disclaimer - the pic isn't that pretty (can you tell I'm not a professional food photog?!), but the salad is really yummy!

Can't wait to see what other recipes are posted!