Five Guys Burgers - Fries Please

After checking that everything on the menu is gluten free except the bun, I was so excited when a Five Guys Burger opened near our house.  My excitement was a bit short lived - while the above statement is true and the cashier said they would wrap my burger in lettuce, when our food arrived my burger was just that and less. One hamburger patty,  a tomato, and 2 pickles.  Thy didn't even add the condiments I'd ordered.  No lettuce.  Not even a fork.  How do you eat that?  And why would I pay $3 for a lonely hamburger patty?  After further inquiry we learned that ALL of their lettuce is shredded.  They didn't even have a couple of lettuce leaves leftover that I could wrap my burger in.  How disappointing!  (especially knowing that the SLC, UT location will wrap your burger in lettuce.)  The fries were delicious so our visit wasn't a complete waste.  And the next time we go and I order a burger and fries, I'll remember to HOLD THE BURGER and just get the fries!


The Bennett Family said...

I just went to that place last week right after it opened near my parents' house. I thought it was a little too greasy, but I admit those fries did taste good! Nothing wrong with just ordering the fries. I think I'll hold out for In'N'Out that's supposed to be coming here soon - can't beat those burgers and fries in my book.

Erin Jackson said...

I went to our recently opened one and ordered mushrooms and onions and they put them in little containers on the side. I piled everything on the burger and cut it and ate it like a steak. You might give yours another try.