Wildfire Restaurant

Shane's been working on a big proposal for work the last few months so as a way of thanking Shane for all his hard work his boss said,"take your wife out to a nice restaurant." Last night was the big night and we chose Wildfire Restaurant since neither of us had been there but we'd heard it was really good. As an added bonus they have an extensive gluten free menu!

When Shane made the reservation online he noted that we would need a gluten free menu and low and behold as we were seated they produced one regular and one gluten free menu...without being reminded. Already I was very impressed! Our waitress went over the menu and some of the gluten free modifications and gave us a few minutes to decide what to order. While she was gone the manager came over to our table and said she was aware that it was not only our first time at the restaurant, but that I would be ordering off the GF menu. She asked if I had any additional questions and offered me a GF toasted bun (that they use for sandwiches) so that I could have some bread with my meal. Hello! How cool is that! I'm in love with this place!

Since the company was buying, we went all out. We ordered bacon wrapped scallops. salad minus the croutons, the most amazing "I want to drink you" ranch dressing, fillet medallions (oscar for me and horseradish crusted for Shane), potatoes au gratin (for me) and a BBQ rubbed baked sweet potato for Shane (not gluten free). For the big finale Shane got a warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and I of course got the flourless chocolate cake that literally melted in my mouth and made my heart sigh in delight. It was divine! (After taking one bite Shane realized his mistake in getting the cookie sundae...a momentary lack of judgement but I think he's learned his lesson.

I'll probably be talking about this amazing gluten free dining experience for years to come. If you ever get the chance to visit Wildfire I give it my highest recommendation.


Linds Forrest said...

Meri my mouth started to water when reading your description! I am glad that the Wildfire was so nice and so good to you! The whole dinner sounds absolutely decilicous.

Side note: Thanks for always being such a good example and one great sister-in-law!

Angi Gerrie said...

That sounds so good. Lucky you! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Angi Gerrie said...

Meri that's awesome!!! I almost want to go and tell them that I need to order off of the GF menu just to get awesome treatment like you, haha. I'm lovin' your blog!


TLJ said...

I salute the Wildfire Restaurant and I laugh in your general direction Shaner for choosing the cookie. Rookie mistake.

Can't wait to get our golf on!!!

See you guys soon!

TLJ said...

I salute the Wildfire Restaurant and I laugh in Shaner's general direction for choosing the cookie. rookie mistake bro.

Can't wait to get our golf on!

See you two soon!