Rumbi Rice

One of our favorite places to eat when we visit Utah is Rumbi's Island Grill. We love their rumbi rice, ( rice cooked in coconut milk with kidney beans) and make it several times a month. Shane loves their sweet potato fries, but restaurant fryers are just a cross-contamination disaster waiting to happen so I avoid them...until now. Thanks to the gluten free mommy I have discovered Alexia's brand sweet potato fries right in my very own Target freezer aisle and I must say they are pretty much amazing! So tonight for dinner it's Rumbi Rice and fries. I'll steam up some broccoli or something to add a bit of color to the meal and we are really into spinach salad with all sorts of yummy toppings like, tomatoes, cashews, bacon, raisins, cranberries, get the picture. Spring weather and salads go hand in hand!

Here's how we do our Rumbi Rice, but in all honesty we never really follow a recipe. And since we both make it it's never quite the same but always quite delicious! If anybody has a "real" copycat recipe from the actual restaurant we'd love to have it!

Rumbi Rice

3 cups arborio rice (jasmine rice is good too)
1 cup coconut milk (too much leaves a film on the roof of your mouth...yuck!)
1 can kidney beans drained and rinsed
salt to taste

Add all ingredients, except kidney beans, to your rice cooker, fill with water to the 3 cup line and then add the kidney beans. Cook per manufacturers instructions. If cooking on the stove, use coconut milk as part of your liquid, adding water to make up the difference according to the instructions on the rice package. Cook as directed on rice package.


KKR said...

We love the Rumbi Grill too! I hope they put one in at The District! (new shopping center in SJ)

Angi Gerrie said...

So when I was at church on Sunday I was reading a note in the Relief Society binder thing that had someone in our ward that needed gluten free ideas so I got her email and I am just getting ready to email her. I was planning on giving her your blog so she could check it out. I hope that is ok... We got a new calling- Nursury Leaders- YEAH! I am actually really excited. Hey- will you do me a favor, I want to check out Keith and Kim's blog, but they have to add you before you can so will you ask them if they will add us? Thanks! Have a good day!