Frontera Grill

We went to the Frontera Grill and called ahead for reservations, which is a smart idea, since it is a popular spot. When making the reservation, I explained that my wife had Celiac Disease and asked if they could accommodate a gluten free diet. They noted this on our reservation. When ordering, the waitress asked the chef what menu items are gluten free, or could be made as such, since they change their menu every month, it is important to ask the chef. Most of the appetizers are not gluten free (including the tortilla chips) so we got the guacamole with jicama and cucumber slices. For dinner I got the only entree that wasn't gluten free, the Chicken with red chili sauce and a chorizo & pineapple tamalon. Meredith ordered the tacos al carbon with steak, which came with guacamole and 2 kinds of salsa (the tomatillo salsa was awesome). The meal was fabulous, although a little on the pricey side. But hey, we were on the way to see Phantom of the Opera, so why not? The link to Frontera Grill and other restaurants by Rick Bayless is

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