Valentine's Day

Beef and Broccoli
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Happy Valentine's Day! Since it's also Chinese New Year, we'll be making one of our favorite Chinese entrees for dinner - Beef and Broccoli. And then, for the most important part of Valentine's Day, DESSERT! We're continuing our Valentine's dessert tradition and I've got my red velvet cake in the oven...I'm not sure if I can wait until tomorrow night to eat it! XOXO

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Lee Ann said...

I made your red velvet cake yesterday! Yummy!

I also tried GF oreos. Have you tried that? I just looked up a recipe on line and subbed flour. They were really good the first day, but not so much after.

Thanks for posting all of your recipes! Beef an broccoli is my hubby's fave!