Dinner at Portillo's

My brother was in Chicago last week for work so we drove downtown to have dinner with him. You can't come to Chicago without eating a Chicago dog so we went to Portillo's which happens to be one of our favorite eateries for Chicago style hot dogs and sandwiches. And for all you non-gluten eaters Portillo's makes a pretty decent garbage salad too. "No bread, please!"


Linds Forrest said...

Meri you look so pretty!! I want to see more pictures of you and Shane, I miss you two! You get prettier and prettier every time I see you. Those pumpkin muffins look fantastic, I want to try them soon! I want to try all your recipes, especially the roast with chipotle smashers. YUM! I love you!! :)

Anonymous said...

I received an email today from Portillos after inquiring about the ingredients in their cesar dressing. Please be aware they informed me that NONE of their chicken products are gluten free (this includes the chicken used on their chicken cesar salad).